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Thank you for volunteering to lend a hand with the 35th LIVE AND IN PERSON Reunion in Annapolis, 1-4 September 2022.
The need is great, your choices are many and your leadership is both appreciated and vital to the success of the reunion.
We'll be using this survey to assess your preferences and follow-up with each of you as assignments begin to settle out. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Please enter your name *

Please enter your email address *

Please provide your cell number (for contact and texting) *

When are you arriving? *

This will let us know when help is on the way!

When are you departing the pattern? *

This helps in our planning.

How Can I Help? *

Event Co-Host (joint assignments to lighten the load)

Co-Hosts are the glue that hold an event together. Much of the contracting and preliminary planning work is already completed (or at least well underway). You (and your other co-host) are keeping an eye out to make sure that all the component pieces of your event are accounted for and are on track. We welcome your creative input (within budget) to add special touches to your event. During the event, you will be facilitating smooth traffic flow, checking in with the vendors, and helping to solve any challenges that may arise.
(If you select more than one preference, please rank them in the comments)
(If you and another co-host are already a team, let us know both names in the comments)

Major duties across the weekend

These are the essential services that keep the trains running on time.

One time hits

Necessary details or smaller events that make the Reunion World Class

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